Its all fun and games until you are apart of a study


Crossing paths with this odious article ignited new contempt for scientific research. In full appreciation that the world will always be cruel and insensitive, one must prepare for such a harsh climate. However linked findings published within the last twenty-years or so has had a degrading affect. As ADHD continues to be a deficient contributing factor in several areas of life, the general public, being unflinchingly accepting, will begin viewing individuals with the condition as handicapped, incapable if not worse as disadvantaged by default. Could it not instead be said that being distracted while driving causes accidents. Published data such as the above picture show a complete disregard for me and those who share my condition. The DMV and provincial road safety commissioners may decide ADHD to be grounds for not issuing licenses or permit. And if not that perhaps even conditional requirements, additional screening and so on — it broils my blood!


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