Reform, green cards & border patrol oh my!

Since 2006 immigration has frequently been a topic of interest showcased by the media and within everyday conversations. Granted this brief outpouring comes from an opinionated source, I wish to express my perspective. Being a direct descendent of Germans and Englishmen, I stand at the forefront of advocacy, compassion and respect for people who leave their homelands for America. However at a time when our financial standing as a country stands on the a precarious cusp, we all must return to the principles and foundation which once gave us stability and strength. Foreign relations along with the Northern United States melting pot society, none have been bold or smart enough to shamelessly admit our incumbered state. What progress can be made by sending aid to refugee populations if our own starves and suffers; rather counter-intuitive. Largely corporations contribute toward employment scarcity. Outsourcing, low wages, monopolizing, free trade and federal backing are few among many factors.

Companies such as Walmart and Target fully take advantage of non-domestic labor as a means to maintain their competitive pricing. Of course if a ten-year old Chinese boy was assembling a plethora of products I could have a dollar section in my store too. Since these De facto employees are often in arresting situations they cannot protest or demand fair conditions — it simply is not a luxury they have. Living in an entirely different part of the world, jurisdictions prevent any legal actions from being taken (against Target or Walmart for instance nor on behalf of these captive individuals, many of which occupy prisons, labor camps and work houses). Additionally no obligations are impressed upon CEO’s to provide benefits, insurance or reasonable pay and worst of all view their international operatives as drones — ergo expendable.

Monopolies completely undermine the entire system of capitalism. How can an independent or local truthfully compete with giants who are their competitors? People who can drive values far below any average person attempting to reap profit? Maneuvering the business world strategically I can fathom, but the playing field no longer applies once mega corporations have eliminated any up and coming challengers. This not only gives way to utter greed but stunt creativity and innovation — and by extension growth via industry.

1920/1950 marked a prosperous era which many cherish but seldom analyze. Domestic production summarizes the conclusion I have come to. Within these years households, roadways, physical structures, vehicles and so forth were filled, built, crafted and sustained by American minds, hands and exertions. Upon inspection nearly every object we use originates from foreign imports. I in no form dislike importation of international goods, often praising products created abroad. My argument lies more so with market independence. I believe our economy and fiscal circumstance would greatly improve if once more Americans manufactured their own articles. Perhaps this route can pave way for a new found vigor, wherein North America reclaims status as a titan of commerce.

2008, a fateful period birthing a frightening concept — everlasting commercial longevity. Despite commentaries regarding this subject, no business should be too big to fail, such a possibility hints at a grave disillusioned reality. AIG was meant to fold over and yet they did not. Whether or not their board of presidents felt rescued, a greater sacrifice was paid in many respects. Not mentioning the hundreds of thousands who were laid off as well as losing their hard earned savings in the process. In actuality death is a natural part of business, it makes way for individuals, groups and enterprises who will do nothing but improve and succeed were others did not. I say in this case do not feed the bears (if given outside help they will grow reliant and essentially never survive in the wilderness, in which case survival was not intended from the beginning). I draw this rant to a close. May it stimulate, outrage, shock but also enlighten.


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