There’s nothing wrong with you

The notorious stigma surrounding mental illness or abnormal behaviours/thoughts complicate everyday living for those who are effected and affected by it. Industries and companies are not particularly empathetic nor sympathetic towards these clusters of people and does not allow openness. Human relations department heads and hiring supervisors are not likely to hire a person afflicted … Continue reading


As many are well aware on May 20th of last year, Yahoo acquired Tumblr through a merger agreement between the former Company and the latter’s CEO David Karp. In an ironically foreboding statement made by Marissa Mayer, “we promise not to screw it up,” precisely continues to do exactly that. Sponsored blogs littering users dashboard … Continue reading

How to save the Internet

Originally posted on BGR:
Net neutrality died back in January of this year when a U.S. Appeals Court struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s 2010 order imposing certain regulations on wireline broadband service providers. People across the country were infuriated, and rightfully so. But news emerged earlier this week suggesting that the Federal Communications Commission would once again try…