There’s nothing wrong with you

The notorious stigma surrounding mental illness or abnormal behaviours/thoughts complicate everyday living for those who are effected and affected by it. Industries and companies are not particularly empathetic nor sympathetic towards these clusters of people and does not allow openness. Human relations department heads and hiring supervisors are not likely to hire a person afflicted by psychological disorders. It should be blanketed under the equal employment opportunity act of 1972, however mental health conditions are not always categorized along with common impairments which are concerned traditional disabilities (MS, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness/Blindness, etc). At length American society does not give quarter to diseases that are not visible or quantifiable, leading many individuals to be disregarded as slothful, untreatable or hypochondriacs. In the United States, success and a typical “life” is measured by productivity and a constant state of movement or progression and anyone who does not adhere to this model is cast out as a blight on the microscopic and macroscopic community. Genetic predisposition, environmental factors and personality all contribute, despite the overall public perspective. Simply because certain phenomenon and matter cannot be observed does not mean that it does not exist or be dismissed as illegitimate. Bacteria exists as unidentifiable to the naked eye and while we could refute its existence will still invade our bodies. In summation, before confidently denouncing someone, ponder that their issues are quite real and cannot neatly be solved by will or coping as everybody else.


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