As many are well aware on May 20th of last year, Yahoo acquired Tumblr through a merger agreement between the former Company and the latter’s CEO David Karp. In an ironically foreboding statement made by Marissa Mayer, “we promise not to screw it up,” precisely continues to do exactly that. Sponsored blogs littering users dashboard feeds, obnoxious banners promoting voter registration earlier this week and of course the progressive strides to cultivate Tumblr into yet another advertising platform and marketing resource. Today I was thoroughly frustrated and consequently am posting an article through Word press which I have not done for at least two years (all my recent content has been a result of backing up my Tumblr account). S & A has always been an integral mechanism of commerce and business within America, but it has evolved into a highly intrusive one. Billboards, broadcasts, commercials, promotional events, public relations stunts, posters, logos and so many other means of communicating messages can be seen throughout a typical day and hangs over everyone as a thick cloud of smog — ever present, ever suffocating. Ad agencies and their clients argue that their tactics, products and services alone do not influence or impact consumers considering their option for consumption is at will. However psychology and conditioning are both powerful tools to manipulate. If a person has been subjected to the same Pepsi commercial twenty times a day by way of television and the internet, a probable likelihood of said person buying that brand of soda. Personally I am a firm believer in this type of business activity being regulated akin to privacy laws and so forth. Often rather than not I receive advertisements like harassment, technically it can be classified as such. When Mayer realises Yahoo!’s recently obtained asset yields no revenue or positive results, a majority of Tumblr users will have moved on…


Mayer, Marissa. “I’m delighted to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr!” Marissa’s Tumblr. Tumblr. 20 May. 2013. Marissa Mayer. Web. 25 Sep. 2014 Web. 25 Sep.2014


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