We are the Night (2012) Review

Exposing the reality of immortality, once one can be given no limitations all sense of restraint, moral judgment and basic lessons we learn in good education and faith decay leaving only a shell of the former person, only to produce a monster. Perfectly captured in the opening scene, where a myriad of passengers are strewn … Continue reading

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

Courtesy of an endearing friend I was privileged with access to a pre-screening. Even before entering the actual theater itself I saw over a dozen fans gathered in camping fashion, pop bottles strewn across their areas, card games and banter amidst their excitement. If this premature hype was not enough to further stoke my glee, … Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-man (2012) Review

Faithfully following Spider-man’s humble print beginnings, this reboot satisfies in every way all previous films never were able. In spite of my skepticism, surprisingly Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield successfully revitalized Stan’s vision for his web slinging hero, giving me hope. Most astonishing was Andrew Garfield whom while not nearly as cute as Toby stole … Continue reading

Top Underrated Films of all-time

As a harsh critique countless hours of footage have passed through my eyes and despite being merely twenty, have already acquired a repertoire of films which stand out as non-mainstream, poorly received, loosely advertised or scathed by others of my caliber. And factually are largely over looked in the vast sea of summer block busters, … Continue reading

The Hunger Games (2012) Review

From a cinematographic perspective it blasts all measurable expectations, but conceptually…it sickens. As stated Suzanne Collins futuristic fiction sets stage for a totalitarian regime Panem, within what was formerly known as the United States. One ruling government presence, overseeing twelve districts assigned to twelve areas marked specifically by exports/trades these provinces specialize in. All meant … Continue reading

Rango (2011) Review

Unfortunately I may have missed the first five minutes, Rango was well worth six dollars. Creators slipped in every ingredient possible, without making it over saturated or seem unnatural in anyway. Palatable for children and adults alike, voice to animation was flawless, funny but downright genius. Once at the other side of the road, each … Continue reading

Some like it Hot (2011) Review

Delightfully funny, heart-warming, heart breaking and mind bending for its’ time, though the script had potential to be experimented with. Some like it hot gives birth to ultimate empathy men trading roles to experience what it means to live in a man’s world as a woman. Joe and Jerry find themselves in uncomfortable scenarios from … Continue reading

Sucker Punch (2011) Review

 A stylistic action-adventure strife with suspense, haunting scenes and grim which covers every person and location densely. Contrast to various settings seen during the girls missions, saturated with a full spectrum of colors, apocalyptic battle scenes, mythical creatures, chaotic battle field, chest pumping ballistics, Zack Snyder’s drifting between reality and no mans land has … Continue reading

The tourist (2010) Review

  Twisted action-thriller reminiscent of where in the world is Carmen San Diego, except Carmen is Alexander Pearce. I was suspicious of everyones motives for the entire 103 minute ride. Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck had me guessing almost to the end. I have not seen so many plot turns since Wild Things (1998). Dialog and … Continue reading

The American (2010) Review

  A once razor sharp contract killer seems to have lost his edge. Slow moving throughout, I had trouble adjusting to the directing style. Gritty, dark, intimate and emotional, certain scenes were quite powerful while most were forgettable. The story’s attempt at connecting the characters seems almost puzzle piece in quality, leaving no room for … Continue reading