There’s nothing wrong with you

The notorious stigma surrounding mental illness or abnormal behaviours/thoughts complicate everyday living for those who are effected and affected by it. Industries and companies are not particularly empathetic nor sympathetic towards these clusters of people and does not allow openness. Human relations department heads and hiring supervisors are not likely to hire a person afflicted … Continue reading

Its all fun and games until you are apart of a study

Crossing paths with this odious article ignited new contempt for scientific research. In full appreciation that the world will always be cruel and insensitive, one must prepare for such a harsh climate. However linked findings published within the last twenty-years or so has had a degrading affect. As ADHD continues to be a deficient contributing … Continue reading

Veganism no longer weird

As members of society we try walking between two lines and not effectively I might add — autonomy and collectivism. Our thoughts and opinions are tailored by nurturing from parents, peers and modes of information. I honestly believe if people were given enough encouragement, they might accept themselves and disregard the model society has set forth … Continue reading

Alcohol a great and terrible liberator

Inhibition can play out favorably or disastrously depending on what parts of ourselves have been repressed. Last week’s friendly confidence openly announced for everyone’s ears — open or closed to concealed animosity for someone fledged into unrestrained drunken rage. Be ware copious quantities and qualities of alcohol. As a public service announcement, at all costs … Continue reading

George Robert Twelves Hewes

My peers, Educational institutions adamantly strive to teach students fundamental practices which will prepare them for higher learning. But too often these precursors offer little advantage in college settings; strangely in spite of the gross overuse of studying, there exist no succinct definitions of method or practical applications in accordance with individual learning styles or … Continue reading

…And I’m a mormon

Apparently this particular sect of believers have been stigmatized in society as incestuous, odd and followers of a cult among other accusations. For this reason a campaign has been launched online, specifically on YouTube broadcasting members of the church of Mormon, showing they are no different from anyone else. Initially the sentiment was eye opening … Continue reading

Diablo Cody {One Hit Wonder}

Renowned for her hit screenplay “Juno” Cody has managed an elevated status of success, but beyond Ellen Page’s quirky portrayal never seemed to recapture mainstream commercial recognition. Prior to watching Young Adult several months back it struck me as a deeply disturbed film with equally disparaged and then today realised Miss Cody wrote the material. … Continue reading

What a creeper!

While watching Twilight on FX, a particular scene stood out far more prominently than before. Specifically when Bella sees Edward in the corner of her room for the first time. Prior to watching an episode of Dr. Phil, a comment he mentioned honestly made me realise exactly how unnaturally obsessive Bella and Edward’s relationship was … Continue reading

Why is Bebe’s Kids so expensive?

A cultural classic Robin Harris’ Bebe’s Kids (1992) has been seen by a vast audience during the nineties, but apparently was not widely produced for home entertainment. Rarity put aside it does not justify astronomical price ranges for a standard edition DVD which sells on average for $100.00 dollars new and nearly $45.00 used; outrageous … Continue reading

World Hunger…still a problem

Watching food foundations and adopt-a-child programs insisting a small token of kindness will sponsor one child in a foreign 3rd-world country has forced me to question the effectiveness of these measures. True enough international famine remains an issue of constant persistence, but perhaps our conceptualized approaches must be re-examined. Convoying truckloads of rice, publicly accessible … Continue reading