Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s edition (xbox 360)

Being called “Game of the year” by and highly anticipated by fans for months nail biting as the count down surged into March. Not having played the original title I became borderline obsessed with enthusiasm after picking up Mass Effect 2. Having spent hours each night visiting Afterlife, traversing through the mass relay and choosing … Continue reading

Blades of Time Demo (Xbox 360)

Out of curiosity I decided to download two new demonstration play throughs of indie horror Title “Amy” and Blades of time. I cannot say enough horrible comments in regards to developers hindrance of a combat system, unreliable targeting system, overly powerful enemies and nonstrategic button layout. Visually mystifying such high marks or scantily clad female … Continue reading

Saints Row: the third (xbox 360)

Spoilers ahead Being a fortunate person I have been able to  extensively play Dead Island and Saints Row the third early. “An outrageous energetic time killer.”  Not meant to take itself too seriously while being a over the top thrill ride. Having friends who are game can be quite beneficial thus far it has given … Continue reading

Portal 2 (xbox 360)

Apparently creators of the game spent a great amount of effort into the humor aspect, being sure it was able to be understood and widely received, interestingly enough it is a key part of the game and makes it unique. Perhaps one of the most notable facts about Portal & Portal 2 is Chell never … Continue reading

Harleen Quinzel: Dumb Blonde?

Developers of Arkham Asylum & Arkham City have grown a habit of painting Harley Quin as a dim-witted piece of eye candy for the franchise opposite of Selina Kyle. But consistently throughout her appearance in comics she has always been endowed with genius to near genius level intellect [ii], in addition to graduating fromcollege with high marks in school … Continue reading

Dead Island

  Initally seen in an article of game informer while reading about Collabo Diner’s cocktail & pizza tribute to Catherine (キャサリン), I was immediatley drawn in by the promotional posters of Banoi island. But who knew I would be lucky enough to borrow a copy from my uncle a week ago and test out my post-apocalyptic skills on the … Continue reading

Mirror’s edge exclusive: Faith and Jackknife

Playing multiple times, I never considered listening to the exchanges of dialog between faith and jackknife. But if anyone actually notices the dynamics, they show signs of a former relationship [i] and a sour one at that. Not to say Jackknife cannot be a royal pain, but shows signs of care and affection towards Faith, no … Continue reading

Ultra Neko Scandal

Formatting an article such as this is difficult considering a majority of it is based on gossip, hearsay and assumptions in correlation with the very viral internet.Two to three years ago a female gamer named Sadie, created a video game channel called Sadie’s Gaming Infection. The total amount of subscribers has been alleged at 25,000 … Continue reading

Blast from the distant past: Grand theft Auto

Since its fateful debut in 1998, Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of the most popular M for mature rated games to date. From humble birds eye, pixellated 2-d graphics in such titles as GTA: London and part II to meshed and textured marvels of tomorrow Rock Star Games certainly continues to impress. *For those who are … Continue reading

Omega Plague: Survivor’s and victim moment of silence

In the year 2083 CE a cross-species plague was released in the slums of the planet Omega. Countless Batarians, Turians, Sularians and various alien races were ravaged by the Omegian super virus. And those who did not succumb to the plague, were caught in the cross fire of waring Vorcha and Blue sun faction throughout … Continue reading